FAQ/Troubleshooting RallyNet

Mac OS X

Must be on Yosemite or later (10.7.5 is not supported)

Enable Applications to be installed from anywhere (Settings > Security & Privacy)


Must use Safari to run wizard


Enable Installations from Unknown Sources

Disable Anti-Virus

Run the wizard from FireFox and not built-in browser

Must have PIN code

Must open downloads folder, choose the .apk file, and install the application

Check for Device Administrators, XpressConnect must be enabled (Security>Device Admins)

Credential Storage Bug

Windows 7/8/10

Disregard messages about “Smart-Screen Filter” or certificate warnings

Make sure wireless NIC has latest drivers from

 Manufacturer's website


Surface Pro

Check for Windows Updates

Forget RallyNet Secured

Create a Manual Connection > RallyNet Secured WPA2-Enterprise > Microsoft or other certificate > Enter Server address rallynetconnect.ripon.edu > Select Ripon CA > Select Don’t Prompt for something