You can find old Student Senate documents such as the Constitution and Operating Rules found in the section below. Under the Senate Documents bookmark, you can find all electronic documents on the agenda/minutes, current constitution, operating rules, and student organization budget information.
Do to the COVID pandemic all meetings will be conducted virtually over Zoom on Wednesday at 6:30 pm, unless otherwise noted by the President of the Student Senate.

To join the meetings please follow the instructions below:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 939 555 291 47


Rules for the Virtual Meetings:

All members will be directed to a meeting room when entering the Zoom call and will be admitted by the Executive Board team.

1.     Mute your microphone (computer and phone) throughout the meeting unless you are speaking.

2.     Plan to follow the meeting on your own copy of the Student Senate Agenda. (Agenda can be found under bookmarks on the Student Senate page).

3.     Use the Chat function in Zoom to get the Executive Board's Attention. If you wish to speak to the full group, type ‘Speak’ into Chat, and you’ll be called on, under the rules of Robert's Rules of order.

4.     Voting that would normally be done by voice or show of hands will be done through a Google Form during the meetings. 

5.     Any members found to be a disruption will either be muted by the Executive Board and/or removed from the meeting and will not be permitted to reenter the meeting.


Don't forget that any questions or comments can be sent to our e-mail!!