Ripon College Office of Information Technology
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is located at Kemper Hall, 669 W. Thorne Street. Here you will find the OIT staff offices, an open-use computer lab and a student technology support center.
Connecting Devices to RallyNet Wireless

 Have a Gaming Device or Smart TV?
Gaming Devices, Smart TV's and other streaming media devices must be connected via wired Ethernet. Submit a request to enable the port in your residence! 

All students are configured to receive RAVE emergency alerts.

Sign up another person to get RAVE Alerts.

MyRipon NetID
The MyRipon NetID is used to log-in to MyRipon Portal and College Network.
You must Enroll before you can use the password reset.
You know what your password is; you just want to change it
(This service does NOT reset your Ripon College Google Account password).


Click this link to start a remote session with OIT  
After downloading, click TeamViewer to launch.
After a few seconds, a window will appear with a session code, which you will give to OIT. See the example.