Ripon College Office of Information Technology
The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is located at Kemper Hall, 669 W. Thorne Street. Here you will find the OIT staff offices, an open-use computer lab and a student technology support center.
Technical Support Requests: If you need technical support, please fill out this form. Once the form is submitted someone from our team will contact you as soon as possible. If you are having issues accessing or filling out the form please contact us at



Enhanced WiFi in our residence halls

Ripon College has partnered with MyResNet to provide internet service and support to your residence. To make sure you’re connected to WiFi, follow the steps below to register for service.

Connect your devices!

Make sure that all your devices like smartphones, tablets, and game systems are registered.


How to Get Connected Guide for New ResNet Users (If you already have a MyResNet account, skip to Step 5)

  1. From a PC and Mac: Connect to “MyResNet Start Here” from your available wireless networks.  Open a browser.


Mobile:  Scan the QR code below and open a browser.  This QR code can be found on the Apogee support posters in the residence halls as well. 

  1. Click the Option ”New User?  Sign Up” button  

Please be sure to use your email address in order to create your account. 

        During this step you will create a “personal network wifi password” that you will need for

        Step 5. 


  1. Once you are logged into the portal follow the 3 steps exactly:   


  1. VERY IMPORTANT:  You must register each device that you want to connect to the wi-fi by adding the Mac address of that device into the portal - making sure to turn OFF the private Mac Address feature on phones and laptops (help link in portal if needed).  You cannot connect a device to wi-fi until the device is added to your MyResNet account or that device will not recognize the network.   Your extra devices will not be able to connect to wi-fi until they are first added to your “My Devices” tab in your MyResNet account profile. 


PAN Functionality will become active for all devices that are added to your account.  This allows those devices to connect to each other through your own Personal Area Network (PAN)


  1. For Users that already have a MyResNet account or to return to the portal after the initial account creation to add/delete/manage your devices or update your profile you must first be connected to MyResNet 5G on your device….. open a browser on that same device and navigate to and sign into the portal via “returning user” with your MyResNet account credentials.  If you are not connected to MyResNet5G on your device, the link above will not work properly for you. 

Need Some Help?

If you need any help registering or connecting your devices, a support representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you.

  • Call MyResNet support at 855-465-6746
  • Email
  • Text ResNet to 84700
  • Chat live at

Connecting Devices to RallyNet Wireless (for areas other than residence halls)
Get directions by device type:    iOS     Mac OS     Windows 10     Android     Chromebook
Problems connecting to RallyNet (for Wifi for areas other than Residence Halls)? Visit us in Kemper Hall M-F 8-12 and 1-5.

Technology Purchasing Guidelines

MyRipon NetID
The MyRipon NetID is used to log-in to MyRipon Portal and College Network.
You must Enroll before you can use the password reset.
You know what your password is; you just want to change it
(This service does NOT reset your Ripon College Google Account password).

Adding people to receive Rave alerts

All students and employees are configured to receive Rave emergency alerts sent to their college email accounts and mobile phones, (if the mobile phone information has been provided to the college). Up to 3 additional mobile numbers and 3 additional emails can be added for each account. First you must set up a password to log into the Rave site. Once you are logged in, you can add additional mobile numbers and email addresses to receive Rave alerts.


Click this link to start a remote session with OIT  
After downloading, click TeamViewer to launch.
After a few seconds, a window will appear with a session code, which you will give to OIT. See the example.