Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important issue for organizations and technology users. While Ripon College has always had security practices in place to protect our network, we are adding additional layers of security in 2021.

Multi-Factor Authentication for signing into Google

Multi-Factor Authentication ("MFA", "2-Factor Authentication", "2 Step Verification") is a way of verifying that the individual signing into Ripon College system is actually who they claim to be. With MFA, if someone with bad intentions obtained your password, they would not be able to access your account because they would not have access to your second verification step.

Requirement for all users to enable 2-Step Verification for Google

In 2017, Google admitted that hackers steal almost 250,000 web logins each week. Since COVID-19, the US FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes. This is the current situation in Cybersecurity. Though Ripon College currently implements good security systems, it is necessary that we continue to add layers of security in order to protect your information and the sensitive data we handle day to day.