Members of the Alumni Board help Seniors celebrate their upcoming graduation. 

Who are they? What do they do?

The Alumni Association Board of Directors represents alumni interests and initiatives to the College, students, and faculty/staff.  The Board meets twice per year on campus and consists of alumni, student and staff representatives.  
Make up of the Alumni Board
As agreed upon by the Alumni Board of Directors at the spring 2006 meeting, there shall be three (3) committees of the Board. These committees are the Ripon Person Committee, the Advancement Committee, and the College Operations Committee and were designed to align with existing Board of Trustees committees and minimize overlap in alumni programs.
The Ripon Person Committee
The purpose of the Ripon Person Committee is to develop and enhance the life-long relationship between the Alumni Association and prospective students, students, and alumni. The Ripon Person Committee will work closely with the Alumni Office and the Ripon Person Committee of the Board of Trustees.  Subcommittees include Admission, Alumni Relations and Career Development. 
Current projects:  Alumni Weekend 2011, Fall 2011 Speaker Series, career networking, virtual mentoring, Cap & Gown 2011 Party
The Advancement Committee
The purpose of the Advancement Committee is to “advance” the College through the Alumni Association network and support the Advancement Office and the Trustees in meeting the Annual Fund goal.
Current projects:  Welcome letters to all students, marketing, communications, solicitations    
The Governance Committee
The purpose of the College Operations Committee will be:  Board history, Board operating procedures/strategic plan, Nominations process/Board recruitment, Board assessment, and Board communication with Trustees, Class Agents and Alumni at large.   
Current projects:  Alignment of Board business with Board and College's strategic plan, nominations

Members of the Alumni Board

October 1-3, 2015

Ripon College
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