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At Ripon College, engaging parents in the educational process is a top priority. In fact, we see parents as vital companions during their son’s or daughter’s journey toward independence. There are several programs and organizations in place for parents.
Parent Programs Office
As part of Alumni Relations, the PPO organizes the many workshops and activities associated with Family Weekend each fall. They also provide the reception area and refreshments during Move-In Day. “Parents have every right to be connected and aware of programs and activities,” says Larry Malchow, PPO coordinator and director of Development. “They’re as much a member of the Ripon community as any professor, student or alumnus.

Volunteer Opportunities
Although there are many opportunities to get involved throughout the year, Summer and Fall Orientation and Family Weekend in particular are wonderful opportunities for current parents to connect with first-year parents and share Ripon College tips and experiences.

Parent E-Newsletter
Parents regularly receive "In the Loop," an electronic newsletter that reports on important student events, specific campus programs and offices devoted to helping students succeed, and profiles of students and faculty. '

Although parent involvement is a crucial part of a student’s success, we believe there must be a balance. Generally, students who choose their own paths with the support and encouragement of their parents benefit the most from their Ripon College experience.