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Nominations are reviewed by a committee of the Alumni Association Board and presented to the full Board for action. Anyone may nominate any alumnus/a at any time for these positions. Nominees are kept on file for the award for three years, but alumni can be re-nominated at any time.


Medal of Merit
The highest honor bestowed upon an alumnus/a for distinguished professional achievement, exemplary personal qualities and near lifetime service to Ripon College. Presented at Commencement.
Distinguished Alumni Citation
An alumnus/a who has achieved distinction in representing what the College seeks to achieve in the education it affords. Criteria are achievement in field or profession, service to community and demonstrated loyalty to Ripon College. Awarded during Alumni Weekend.
A recent graduate, 10 years out or fewer, who has achieved distinction in his/her profession, served his/her community and demonstrated a strong, on-going commitment to Ripon College. Awarded during Alumni Weekend.
Athletic Hall of Fame
An alumnus/a of the College, having graduated at least 10 years ago, who recorded outstanding accomplishments while participating in athletics at Ripon. Coaches and deceased alumni may be nominated. Awarded during Alumni Weekend.

Leadership Positions

Alumni Trustee
An honor bestowed by Ripon College alumni on one of their own, combining recognition for service to the College and the opportunity for specialized service in the governance of the College through Board of Trustee membership. Serves a three-year term.

Alumni Board Member
The Alumni Board is the governing body of the Alumni Association. Alumni Board members have demonstrated support of College goals. The Alumni Board guides the relationship between the Alumni Association and the College with a focus on alumni activities and involvement. Serves a three-year term.

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